July Wedding Tips

Summer is halfway finished and I’m sure you are deep into the planning. I hope my tips have helped so far. Have any of my tips been way off?

I want to be able to help you. Are there any questions that you have that I can answer?

  1. Create a personal Pinterest board with ideas and photo’s you have. Share them with the photographer or whomever needs to create or recreate what you like.
  1. Start with a checklist and start crossing things off of it. Staying organized is the most important thing you can do. There are many sites out there that have great planning tools. We have a FREE checklist and planner to help you get started. Email me for this FREE checklist.
  1. The most popular and experienced service providers and venues get booked up fast, so the longer you wait the less chance you have at booking the ones you want. If you wait till a few months before your event to book, you may end up getting stuck with less experienced or of lesser quality providers than you had hoped for. It is very important that you book everything you need at least 9 to 24 months in advance or even more if you are wanting to reserve a popular venue or vendors. Dates fill up very quickly for good service providers, don’t be stuck with services that were simply available. Make sure you get the service providers you want by booking early!
  1. A lot of “brides to be” have had family members, “friends” or “friends of friends” back out on them last minute for a variety of reasons. I’m not telling you this to scare you, just want you to be sure that whomever you get to provide your services completes a legal and binding contract (agreement) ensuring their services for your day. It DOES happen and it DOES happen more often than you think. Whether you hire a friend of a professional company, if you don’t have a contract, you have no guarantee that the service provider will show up!!! Not having a contract can be VERY DEVASTATING! Having a signed contract is a MUST with all your service providers!
  1. Downtime after the ceremony is one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make! What in the heck are your guests going to do all that time??? They come for fun and celebration, not a sore butt and nap time. Keep things moving. If people are bored and have to wait around too long, they already want to go home and most likely will eat and leave. You can have a photo booth and stuff during social time, but an hour or so is long enough for people to visit and relax before dinner.
  1. DIY is in these days, but is that the best for you? I can bake my cake, alter my dress, design my invites… piece o’cake! While saving some money is awesome, consider the time it’s going to take to do these things and certain ones can’t be done that far in advance. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is have a hefty to do list a few weeks before your wedding. PLUS, if you aren’t that experienced in doing some of these things, you may end up getting what you “pay” for. You may run out of time or spending more money last minute than you would have had to pay a professional to handle it for you from the beginning.
  1. Get an officiant that will integrate a couple jokes during the ceremony. Guests love a good wedding joke and it breaks the formal and boring tension of a formal event. If your family loves sports or something like that, have a theme or do some games that involve your hobby’s. Some people have even had mascot’s come and entertain the crowd. There are endless games that can be done at weddings to make it way more fun for everyone. Get a photo booth so guests that aren’t going to dance have something fun to do. You may even consider spending a few bucks and get some props like glow sticks and funny glasses for your guests to wear.
  1. Photo booths are a huge hit at any event. It can take a typical formal event and bring out the goofball in everyone! You may even want to use the pictures in a scrapbook or as your guest book. People can paste the photo and write a message to you!
  1. Avoid venting about anything to do with your wedding on Facebook or any social networks. Someone who probably shouldn’t see it most likely will and someone is bound to take it personal! Whether you are stressed about the cost of something or a simple feud with a bridesmaid, avoid posting about it!

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