May Wedding Tips

Bonus May Wedding Tips

If you’re deciding whether to go with a five-piece band or a DJ, you’ll save at least half by choosing the DJ. DO NOT be your own DJ. An IPod of song is just that, an IPod of songs. What if your guests don’t like your choices? Who will make the announcements? Who is in control of this IPod? Don’t be fooled by thinking that this is a cheap option. You will live to regret it.

Get referrals from your most trusted and FREE source. You will have a close and ongoing relationship with your reception hall manager, even after the wedding. Brides will hire their DJ and never see them after the wedding day. If their DJ did a great job or a terrible job, the bride has 1 point of reference. However, your reception hall manager will see hundreds and hundreds of vendors every year and will be able to give you their track record. If, your reception hall manager will be able to tell you that a particular photography Company that has performed for their location 20 times every year and do a great job every time, that should have more value than a list of “cherry picked” references given by that photographer.

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