September Wedding Tips

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We perform at over 900 weddings per year and have been in business since 2006. I have seen a lot of great ideas and some not so great. I want to use my many years of experience to help you have the perfect wedding experience.

I have a few tips that may point you in the right direction.

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  1. Skip the traditions that don’t fit your style. Some brides don’t want to toss the bouquet or the garter, while others would prefer not to wait until the ceremony for their first look. If you’re a girl who just can’t image partaking in one of these traditions, don’t do it! It’s your wedding; you can skip what you want to.
  2. Wear a button down, dress shirt when getting your hair and makeup done. Brides often wear T-shirts that have to be pulled over their freshly coiffed hair at the end. Dress shirts, however, can be unbuttoned without doing any damage to your beautifully done hair.
  3. Make sure you “break in” your new and fabulous shoes prior to the wedding day. Otherwise you’re liable to feel awkward in them and have sore feet.
  4. It’s a great idea to have a “bridal survival kit”. A typical one includes a first aid kit, tampons, a Tide To Go stain remover pen, and anything else that might fix a minor emergency.
  5. Selfies are OK. As long as you don’t overdo it, selfies are a great way to capture a few special moments with your new spouse or a loved one. These candid shots make a fun counterpoint to your photographer’s stylized professional shots.
  6. YOU MUST EAT. People will be pulling you in a thousand different directions. I know you want to visit with all of them but you need to eat. Taking the time to enjoy a full meal is almost impossible, for the reasons I just mentioned, but a five-minute dinner date (where you grab a few bites and enjoy your new spouse’s company) is more realistic.
  7. The best man and maid of honor speeches can be a lot of fun. There are rare occasions that these people, that have known you for a very long time, can say something or tell a story that you wish they wouldn’t. If something inappropriate is said it’s best to let it pass without having a big reaction. Many people will have missed it, but they won’t miss you screaming at the best man.
  8. Have a photo booth. Not only is a photo booth a fun activity for your reception, it’s also a great alternative for your guestbook or favor. The options are literally endless, but we love a great selection of props for your buddies to play with.
  9. Even at a wedding, you need a wing man. Inevitably someone, whether it’s your great aunt from Italy or the father of your old college roommate, will talk your ear off seemingly unaware it’s your wedding day. That’s why having someone to politely pull you away is a must.

I would love to answer any specific questions so please call or email me. I will be in the office Monday – Friday from 11am until 7pm.

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